Weight Loss Surgery with Ostomy

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Re: Weight Loss Surgery with Ostomy

Post by Montreaux »

Here it is, in late June 2022 -- and I too, am hoping to be able to "receive" (be a candidate for) a gastric surgery, specifically a lap-band. Six years ago (in 2026) I had a colostomy, due to a gangrenous large intestine (iatrogenic). (sp?) Seems to me, the very brief internet research I've done indicates no conflicts with having a colostomy and undergoing a lap-band procedure... Does anyone have anything to add? Warnings? Am I incorrect in my presumption? Suggestions? I eagerly welcome all input!

It has been eye-opening to read / learn that fellow colostomy patients (post surgery) have also experienced weight gain, even though their life style, diet, etc has not changed! Wow! I thought:
(1) it was just me!
(2) I attributed it (significantly) to the anti-depressant medications I was taking. (Whoa, that Ability puts 100 lbs. on ya in just one year!)

If anyone else has had similar experiences to share, and/or SOLUTIONS or SUGGESTIONS -- I'd love to hear from you!

Thank you friends! Take care, stay well!
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Re: Weight Loss Surgery with Ostomy

Post by lolapergola »

I'm having a gastric sleeve in 10 weeks time. I hated the idea of a bypass as you lose nutritional goodness .
I so wish the other people on the thread who have had these ops would come back on and share their experiences !
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