A few extra Convatec supplies

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Bill Roche
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A few extra Convatec supplies

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I am sending you young people this note because I believe that you are the most likely group that has to pay the outrageously high prices for your ostomy supplies. It seems that I was forced to make a change to the type of pouch that I use. I now have a few boxes of Convatec drainable pouches Ref # 411491 that use the plastic clip to hold it closed. I picked them up at a flee market here in Florida where I live. I also have a few other supplies that .
If you think that you can use some of the items I have and are willing to send you free, if you simply pay the shipping. (I'll pay the handling :) .
You may drop me an email with your Info ( I will send you a list of what I have) & I will try to get back to you soon. Please try to realize I am a sick retired old fart that takes a LOOONG time to get anything done, unless of course it involves eating and or drinking. :D :)
PS Please remember to include your Zip code for my calculation of the shipping charges which I will tell you prior to shipping.
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