Convatec adhesive remover 413500 thru VA?

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Convatec adhesive remover 413500 thru VA?

Post by RealBob »

Is Convatec Sting Free Adhesive Remover #413500 available through the VA?

I belong to the VA.

I get other Convatec supplies through the VA for my urinary diversion. But was told this particular item wasn't available.

I just want to double check here, just in case what I was told was wrong.

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Re: Convatec adhesive remover 413500 thru VA?

Post by xctm1 »

I would check with the WOC nurse at your local facility. If she or your PCP, SPECIFICALLY prescribe it, the pharmacy will probably have to provide it. I get miconazole powder from the VA and they sometimes change the brands. When I got one that was very grainy and really caused more trouble than help, I emailed my PCP and he prescribed a specific brand which the pharmacy then provided.
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Re: Convatec adhesive remover 413500 thru VA?

Post by haroldfred »

My WO nurse at the VA has me using a product called Uni-Solve Wipes, 402300 which come from the Minneapolis VA pharmacy. Good luck
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