New Hollister product problems

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Re: New Hollister product problems

Post by MikeyB »

Hi Elizabeth,
I saw that you were having more success, congrats! If needed, another option you may have is Securi-T USA product. Recently Hollister announced they produce products for Genairex/ "Securi-T USA" and they are very comparable to the CPL system. I hope this helps.

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Re: New Hollister product problems

Post by Elizabeth »


I am back after having tried to make sure that it was not user error causing my problems, but after having tried all the wonderful guidance everyone gave me I continue to have leakage. I have tried re-snapping the rings together, and even if they snap all the way around I sometimes have a leak. The leak occurs if I need to bend at the waist far forward from a sitting position to reach something, or if I need to crouch down and sit on my heels to help a small student.

So I wanted to let you know that I will try the one piece system. I hope this works because I have had the embarrassment of the students making a big deal out of the smell. They thought I had gas.
Ileo. 98'
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Re: New Hollister product problems

Post by egerfin »

You may want to try a Coloplast 2 piece Click system. They actually have a lock on the flange that can be a little hard to close but there is no way its coming apart.
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Re: New Hollister product problems

Post by BillGK »

egerfin wrote: 2019-07-22 13:17:57 You may want to try a Coloplast 2 piece Click system. They actually have a lock on the flange that can be a little hard to close but there is no way its coming apart.
I used the Coloplast two piece click system early on. I stopped when I realized that a failure of the click system was often catastrophic - entire bag falls off. Yes, it is normally secure, but there were times when I thought I had it right and it must not have been quite right...

I have now been using the Coloplast adhesive coupling system for over five years, and have never had anything that even approaches such a catastrophic failure. The adhesive system has been, basically, perfect when properly applied. Any failure can be traced to not getting the dock clean. Any failure that I have ever had - and there haven’t been many - has been proportional, not catastophic. A small part of the ring loses adhesion and creates a small failure.

This system is also much flatter and easier to conceal than the click system.
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Re: New Hollister product problems

Post by horsegal »

HI :) im new here, I have an ileostomy and been a faithful Hollister center point lock user for 24 I was shocked and saddened to find out they were discontinuing the line. They sent me samples to try and boy was I disappointed. I tried the standard wear wafer and it didn't last a day, and then thought ill try the extended wear barrier, supposed to last a few days, well that didn't last a day either. After talking to my supplier and a few others, they tell me they are getting constant complaints about Hollister products like never before. Its apparent that they have made an inferior product to cut sad for us, the end consumer. I talked with the Hollister agent, she basically told me the center point lock line was disconitnued because it cost too much to make anymore. Hence the new line, which is no where near comparable. Ive been in contact with coloplast and they have been super to help me....but Im still looking for the right fit. Convatec didn't work for me. If you are in the same position as myself, I suggest contacting Hollister and voicing your concerns....maybe they will reconsider the center point lock line....Im hoping. :)
earney y
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Re: New Hollister product problems

Post by earney y »

Char2019 - I use a barrier ring - they are easy to use and very effective. My stoma is 7/8", which is the same diameter as my first finger. I push the barrier ring onto my finger until it is stretched to 7/8" and then place it around my stoma. A perfect fit every time. Good luck!
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Re: New Hollister product problems

Post by Kjcm »

I also have problems with the new construction of the hollister 18193 bag. It leaks where the Velcro enclosure is attached to the bag. This has happened a few times. I have been using this product since 2012. This new construction is terrible.
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Re: New Hollister product problems

Post by ileo73 »

I had that tear problem soon after I started w Hollister soft convex. Then it stopped. I don’t know if I had a bad lot or I just learned how to be gentler with it.
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Re: New Hollister product problems

Post by delia »

I'm having the same issue as the OP. I've also been at this for decades + am extremely frustrated with this product!!! It is DEFINITELY not 'user error'. The coupling just is not designed properly + does not keep a tight seal, causing stool to leak between the rings~ more noticeably at night when there is a greater chance of fluid sitting against the coupling, but it happens during the day/while upright too.
I recently switched from ConvaTec & thought I'd finally found something comfy. Then the seepage started :( The first time, I figured maybe it was just a defect or perhaps these just couldn't be worn for more than a couple days. But its happened multiple times now & I'm stuck with these shoddily fastened nightmares, sleeping on a few layers of towels, until new samples arrive from Coloplast.
At least COVID-19 means I'm not expected to go anywhere. I would not feel secure leaving the house with this on. It doesn't matter how often I empty or that I am CONSTANTLY triple checking it's snapped all the way around... I've had to start unsnapping the ENTIRE BAG to clean out the grooves & it still keeps seeping out.
So completely frustrated & disappointed.
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Re: New Hollister product problems

Post by Tick »

I may have a solution to the leaking snap-in bag connections for hollister. On the ring, the connection portion seems to have a slight ridge on top where the seam is from the moulding process which wont allow the bag to snap in fully. I used my thumb nail to kind of scrape that ridge away before applying disc. The sealing occurs on sides of connection and this solved leaks. It allows bag to fully engage with ring. Im sure using a plastic card or such would work as a scraper but thumbnail was my experimaental choice. Try it, it works 100%
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