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To Dream a Dream
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Happy Notes

Post by To Dream a Dream »

Lots of cheerful activity on Cornell's Birdwatch Live cams. Owlets are huge. Geese & redtails still tending eggs. Turtles bask on the logs. Pond has great blue herons wading its banks (I prefer to refer to them as 'storks.') Male cardinal affectionately offering his mate seeds from the feeder after last winter's tendency for selfish hoarding.

I have been dividing & transplanting the bleeding hearts in our woodland grotto up beyond the house. Relocated some forget-me-nots there last week to Fluffy's gravesite. Planted a pale yellow potentilla shrub in the moonlight garden yesterday. Found a deer tick latched on behind my knee this morning despite taking extreme precautions. (I'll watch for red circles. Have a previously scheduled appt. with my primary next week & will mention it then). Such is life.

Meanwhile, I'll continue to plant & sow for future blossoms & beautiful dreams.
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Re: Happy Notes

Post by cdogtom »

your very busy,
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Re: Happy Notes

Post by sassie »

Sounds very country,Enjoy it, many never get to live where the deer are roaming, I'm lucky too as i live like that..

Enjoy to Dream a Dream, sassie
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Re: Happy Notes

Post by lms1 »

TDAD that all sounds so wonderful...except the tick. Love Cornell's bird cams!


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