Irrigating on cruise

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Irrigating on cruise

Post by lisa3171 »

Hello, again. I am going on a cruise next week. I am a little worried about having a place in the bathroom near the toilet to hang the irrigation bag. Anyone have any experience with that? Any other tips appreciated as well! TIA!
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Re: Irrigating on cruise

Post by ot dave »

I have a travel kit for irrigating. In the kit, I keep a carabiner, an over the door hook, and an adjustable strap with buckles. These 3 things have allowed me to adapt just about any bathroom into an irrigating bathroom. Simple hangers and "S" hooks have been mentioned here in the past, as well as using an ironing board! In some hotels, that only thing to hang the bag from was a picture behind the toilet! Obviously, you want to make sure it is secured well to the wall! I typically use the shower rods to hang the bag from. It'll just depend on the layout of the bathroom on the ship, which in my experience have always been very small, so something should be close enough in there for you to hang your bag.

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Re: Irrigating on cruise

Post by autodraw »

I cruise often and irrigate during the cruise. I use a plain coat hanger to hang the irrie bag, usually from the dressing gown hook on the back of the door. Over the top of the shower stall can work, too. The biggest challenge can be getting the bag high enough. (oh, and finding a spot to put things in such teen tiny spaces!!)
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Re: Irrigating on cruise

Post by darick »

Packing a carabiner is also something I suggest as well. Helps find a variety of places you can hang the bag.
I have one like this: ... 073GJ59QM/

You'd be surprised what you can find in a room to help the process. In this thread, I used the ironing board as a hanger: viewtopic.php?f=12&t=26670

In unknown locations like this, where I don't know what the water quality is like, I end up using bottled water.
I place the bottle in the sink full of warm/hot water to warm it up to the temperature I desire. I also carry a UV light when I have no bottled water available, to help kill off some of the stuff that may be in it:
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