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Post by nemmiller »

I am new to this board- (altho I did secretly read it for the past few months!) in December I went in for my first colonoscopy- doc said she couldn't complete it due to my twisty, narrow colon. 3 days later I was rushed by ambulance to hospital with peritonitis. I was septic and had a perforated colon!! ended up with emergency colectomy with colostomy bags (stoma and mucus fistula) 7 weeks after that I had colostomy reversed. that was in February. I went to dr yesterday and received confirmation that i now have a hernia where the stoma was. Dr wants to do mesh repair. i am terrified of yet another surgery. prior to all of this was very fit and healthy. now i am covered in scars and weak.
has anyone here had experience with ostomy- related hernia? hard to find info on line cuz all that comes up are inguinal and abdominal hernias that are from different origin than mine. TIA
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Re: hernia

Post by sassie »

Had mine repaired"was in same place as yours" and its fine, My Dr. just sewed it together because of mesh failures he said, been over a year and no problems so far..Best of luck sassie
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