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Virtual meetings

Post by aimeehasquestions »

Hi, I am trying to find a support group. However all the local ones are made up of people in their 80's. Anyone know of any online virtual ostomy support group for 20-40yr olds? Heck or even an ostomy dating site for someone in that age? As if dating isn't hard enough....
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Re: Virtual meetings

Post by PrincessVictoria »

Hi Aimee, I don't know of any groups for younger ostomy patients, BUT I am 20 years old and would also be interested if such a group exists. So, following this thread but also if you'd like, feel free to message me!
BigDogs BigProblems
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Re: Virtual meetings

Post by BigDogs BigProblems »

Love this idea, has anything come of it? New permanent ostomate (June 1) looking for comraderie from other people in their twenties!
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Re: Virtual meetings

Post by Smpauley »

Hello Fellow Single Ostomates!!

I see that this is an older post and it’s already hard being single and trying to get into a dating scene in my 50’s then out of nowhere comes an emergency colostomy…lucky me right!? I guess none of us ever really asked for our new friends though. I had made a local Facebook for Ostomy singles as I’m in Louisiana but never got anyone to actively join yet. I will make it for a broader area and was thinking we could schedule virtual group meetings just for hangouts? From there if anyone is interested in getting to know anyone better then they would just be a message away on Facebook. Would anyone be interested in this? If so reply and let me know and I can then give y’all the information for the Facebook page and we could get together and make further arrangements on there. I will also make a new post in the forum with this and see if there are any other singles that would be interested. Well good luck to us all..😀
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