Colostomy a good idea?

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Colostomy a good idea?

Post by Philabroad »

Hello all,

39yo male Army vet with Crohn's disease that started during active service (2012). I have a C&P exam next week and it got me thinking. The Crohn's started at the terminal ileum and is making it's way down the line. Every day I feel like absolute crap and I always feel constipated, even though I have diarrhea. I'm in constant pain. My mother's side has a history of colon cancer. Grandma died from it; mom has history of polyps and a malignant tumor was found this past February. I want to know how bad my Crohn's will have to be before docs will be willing to take my colon and give an ostomy/colostmy. I'm just sick and tired of feeling sick and tired and I'm willing to put up with a bag just to have a better life. Am I crazy? For reference I live in the country of Hungary at the moment, and plan to move back to the US next year. The socialized medicine here is......well you get what you pay for...(almost nothing). That is a whooooooole rant and discussion in itself. The docs here would rather let me die than spend money on me.
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Re: Colostomy a good idea?

Post by xctm1 »

Just an FYI. I got boarded out of the Navy for Chron's disease in '82. I spent the next 22 yrs dealing with pain and "where's the nearest toilet". In '04, I had the annual colonoscopy and the doc took out some polyps. The next day I wound up in a hospital getting a transfusion because the blood wouldn't stop. Long story short, I decided to get an ileostomy ( a total and permanent colonectomy ). Originally the VA gave me 30% and after the ileostomy, they wanted to give me 60% because that's the most for "ulcerative colitis", I appealed and showed them the only reference in the book for a colostomy is under anal fissure and it is 100%. They ended up giving me 100% with aid and attendance. Bottom line, my lifestyle improved 100% and my income jumped a bunch. Living with the bag is a breeze and beats the hell out of what I had before. I can't comment on the Hungary situation but I lived in the Philippines and got all my supplies from the VA. Just sayin.....
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Re: Colostomy a good idea?

Post by darick »

My reasons for volunteering for a colostomy where different, tumor on spine damaging nerves; I lost all bowel control. I chose it for quality of life. If I had the choice again, I would still do it. Sure its a life adjustment, but I still believe it is a much better life in the end. Before I had the stoma, my life was isolation, as I didn't feel confident in being out in public.
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