Loop ileostomy reversal HELP needed

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Loop ileostomy reversal HELP needed

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Hello all this is my first post thank you in advance for your replies and thanks to the Administrators who put this forum together. So I started off with perforated bowels during a surgery then had multiple surgeries. I developed a enterocutaneous fistula and after that a small bowel blockage. For awhile I had a wound fistula bag I wore then had the fistula and small bowel blockage taken down then went home with a Loop ileostomy bag for 4 months. I had a recessed stoma so had so many problems with leakage. Finally the loop ileostomy reversal and it’s been 3 months I occasionally have solid stools but mostly loose and very frequent like 6 times a day and soon after I eat or drink. I stopped coffee today and trying not to eat fried food. I take a few 2mg Imodium per day it doesn’t help much. I was thinking of making a appointment with a gastro doctor not sure if it normal after 3 months post surgery. Thanks for any input
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