urostomy pouch daily wear

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urostomy pouch daily wear

Post by mystri »

Hi: I am a retired Air Force Vet and just found this board. Underwent a Cystoprostatectomy with ileal conduit in June of 2017 at MD Anderson Cancer Center. I have a relatively simple question but it is one that is most likely relative to many if not all of us. Due to previous surgeries, my Ostomy is in a place that causes my pouch to hang a little lower than what is considered "normal". Because of this, unless I can find extra long shirts to wear outside my pants, my drain plug always shows at least an inch or two below the shirt hem. Does anybody have a suggestion for a product that I can use to "tie up, tape, or clip" this plug after I fold it back an inch or two? Paper clips don't work (sharp), gator clips are bulky, tape is generally not reusable, stealth belt is great but once rolled into the belt, becomes an issue of bulk. Appreciate any advice.
Also, totally out of this subject, and just an FYI, I am in a "battle" with the VA over Agent Orange issues that we all are 99.9% sure caused the cancer that started all this. We are now at the Board of Veteran Appeals after 5 or 6 denials because bladder cancer is not a listed condition and my prostate cancer (a listed condition) was found secondary during surgery and was a different cancer also more likely than not caused by agent orange. Anybody else have this problem I would love to hear from you. again, Thanks!
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Re: urostomy pouch daily wear

Post by JLD13 »

Hi! I was just searching this board and came across your post and was wondering if you would be willing to answer some questions. My brother had rectal cancer and has a perm colostomy and now almost 4 years later is having a reoccurrence of the colorectal cancer in his bladder so now they are talking about a pelvic exoneration for him. Is that what you had done? I have a few personal questions as well related to sexual function. He is only 40 years old and just got married and wanted children. He froze sperm before and is planning on freezing again before surgery. If it’s easier to message me that fine. Or even an email jilldeering@yahoo.com. Thanks so much

Rick S
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Re: urostomy pouch daily wear

Post by Rick S »

I had the sme procedure done in June 2019, with the same problem afterward. I've been wearing trousers with elastic waist bands and a shirt worn untucked. I place the urostemy pouch inside the trou with the elatic band going across the top of the bag, above the stoma. The only time I am aware of a bulge is when I let the bag get too full. I empty the bag around every 2 hours if I can.
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