New ostomate.

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New ostomate.

Post by Gort »

Hi. My wife who is 78 recently underwent a colectomy under emergency circumstances from a perforated diverticulitis. We're approaching the two week mark now and she's home, but very weak from the experience. She was having output that was loose in the hospital and initially at home, but now it's been nearly two days without movement. She's on stool softeners, eating and drinking plenty and in no pain or discomfort. Should we be concerned or just wait it out? Before surgery she was a once a day or every other day bowel mover. Also did anyone else experience severe weakness following surgery? Any advice. Thanks.
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Re: New ostomate.

Post by Davidov »

I'm sorry no one ever responded to you, sir. If you are still here, know that I just had the same procedure as your wife, for the same reasons, on Labor Day of this year. I too am experiencing a lot of weight loss and weakness. A reasonably healthy and fit 44 year old man prior to the surgery, I lost 18 pounds in the week or two following my surgery and also suffered nerve damage as a result of poor arm positioning during surgery which stole a lot of strength in my right arm.
The inability to gain weight has hampered my ability to regain strength. I hope, at this point, your wife is doing much better and that she is feeling good and getting on with a normal life and activities.

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Re: New ostomate.

Post by To Dream a Dream »

Welcome to our Discussion Board to both of you. Thank you for posting. Speaking from many years of personal experience with an ileostomy & extensive small bowel resections, your problems with weakness might signal an electrolyte imbalance which would easily be shown or ruled out by bloodwork. Please keep in touch with your GI support team. People who have under gone total colectomies and an ileostomy should be monitored closely postop for problems hydrating.
I realize that the current pandemic with its staff shortages & ever changing protocols has compounded anyone's adjustment to a new ostomy. But please be aware that you may need to contact your ostomy nurse, GI or primary physicians just to let them know of changes you have observed.
I find it comforting to make up a list of how to do this easily & effectively. For instance, does your primary or GI support offer coverage & a way that you can contact them after hours? By phone or email or text. (I don't have cell service, but from what I understand for those who do it is a real advantage?)
Most ostomy nurses are also aware of problems with fluid/electrolyte balance & can better access your situation & offer solutions. So please, don't feel alone in facing these issues. And the UOAA Discussion Board is here 24/7. I think that if you also post in the General Forum, it may be read by a larger audience & you might have a quicker response. And below is a link to UOAA's website where the little lines on the far right will reveal a wealth of info, too.
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