Starting Chemo/Radiation for Stage III - surgery?

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Starting Chemo/Radiation for Stage III - surgery?

Post by BarbaraSC »

Just got diagnoised in early DEC.2020. Reeling from news. I have seen all the doc. The tumor (not mine, won't own it) goes before a board for best options for keeping colon after treatment. TNT is a relatively new treatment for colorectal cancer -40% can be cancer free with NO surgery. My trouble is I have mild Ulcerative Colitis. Tumor close to my spincter, but not there. Worry the radiation may ruin what is there..and then I have no muscle down there. I've read several of you are happy you rid of your colon without going through the surgeries that leave you in bathroom when you eat wrong thing. The thought of losing my colon puts me in tears. Confused. Scared. Going to therapy today to help deal with this horrible thing.
I am using natural healing methods. Anyone using other methods than chemo/radiation? Thanks for support. Just joined today.
Barbara, in SC going to MUSC in Charleston.
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Re: Starting Chemo/Radiation for Stage III - surgery?

Post by phozzy »

Sorry to hear of your diagnosis, that would strike fear into anyone. my own issue was not cancer related, but it was emergency surgery to save my life and the shock and horror I felt after waking up from surgery and having a colostomy bag on my belly was profound, I was not prepared for it in the least. Since then I have discovered that there are far worse things that could have happened to me besides the bag. January 2018 my brother in law was hospitalized for a bowel perforation, he had waited a week to seek medical help, they could not save him, he died of septic shock. As I have read in this forum many times, its better the bag than the box. Humans are amazingly adaptable creatures, we can get used to just about anything and thrive.
Temp colo 5/1/10
Colon rupture by Endometreosis
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