"Gas". Pinches after Colectomy Surgery

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"Gas". Pinches after Colectomy Surgery

Post by tespinal »

Hi all - I have my colectomy surgery almost 2months ago since I had my sigmoid Colon removed and now have a colostomy bag.
My reversal will be in another month or so but I have a question here for anyone who can chime in.
I have been getting random pinches which I have been told is "Gas" and rightfully, once I start walking and release the "gas" from my Stoma, the pinches go away. The pinches have gotten less painful and less frequent but still feel them from time to time. All the nurses, doctors and my surgeon agree its gas and I just need time to heal. Has anyone else felt this? Even after all the assurance from all the professionals, I still ask why am I now producing so much gas when I eat and why do I still feel them 2 months after the surgery?
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Re: "Gas". Pinches after Colectomy Surgery

Post by phozzy »

It has been many years since my surgery. I still recall the embarrassing noises, the constant need to burp my bags and waking up with a "personal flotation device" attached to my belly. I was astounded at the rate and quantity of my gas production. In the first 3 or 4 months it was also painful, so I believe what you are experiencing is normal. I reduced emissions by eliminating some items from my diet, the first and foremost being carbonated beverages, if you have normal plumbing you never notice the gas they create. The next item was onions. Just removing those two made my gas manageable. Hope this helps.
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Re: "Gas". Pinches after Colectomy Surgery

Post by Davidov »

I'm only three weeks into my colostomy experience. Had emergency surgery on Labor Day 2021 due to a diverticula rupture in my transverse colon. My stoma is temporary and located lower on the left side of my abdomen. I think I experience the same "pinches" that you describe, but mine feels more like cramping or swelling in the 4-6" portion of my colon that precedes my stoma. My guts seem to be most active in the early morning hours or while having breakfast, and this is usually when I feel this discomfort. It's almost always either feces trying to push through or just gas. Both make for some interesting melodies at the breakfast table, lol. I've learned that a morning walk (and maybe a few draws of cannabis from my vaporizer) help diminish this sensation which often makes me walk around all hunched over like Mr. Burns from the Simpsons...lol.

I hate having a colostomy, but suppose I am grateful for the life-saving benefit it affords me. It definitely has been a challenge for me and I fear the reversal in December. I have made peace with the surgical scaring and the fact that things probably won't ever be normal inside my guts, but it's the ever-present specter of unwelcomed pain or discomfort that really sucks the motivation and hope from me. Never realized how much my gut-health directly affects my mood...these "pinches" have been unpleasant, but I maintain hope that once I figure out my diet and my colon settles down, that maybe things will be ok.
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Re: "Gas". Pinches after Colectomy Surgery

Post by To Dream a Dream »

As I'm sure most people who have had major abdominal surgery would agree, it does take time to both heal & make some necessary adjustments afterwards. Here's a UOAA link you may find of help: https://www.ostomy.org/diet-nutrition/
Glad you both found us & wish you all the best.
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