Cycle of Pain-Some Recovery-Pain Again

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Cycle of Pain-Some Recovery-Pain Again

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Hello, All, This is my first post, and I am so grateful for the forum, where I learned so much just reading this afternoon. I'm the caregiver for my husband, H, a colon cancer survivor who had an ileostomy from July 2020 until July 2021. I'm sorry that this reads like a shaggy dog story. As you know, it's a journey.

In brief: Is it common--or has anyone experienced--after reversal surgery, gradually being able to eat somewhat normally, but then getting hit suddenly with severe intestinal pain, with no recourse but returning to the most basic diet? (Even the medical professionals offer no alternatives.)

The details: Last July H had reversal surgery. Still in the hospital, he had diarrhea and dumping syndrome (gotta go NOW), as well as ileus. He was treated for and recovered from ileus. H was ready for discharge to skilled nursing until he had a Covid test. He tested positive, but had been vaccinated. He was accepted into skilled nursing where he was quarantined 14 days, and was virtually symptom free--except for diahrrhea and dumping. After three weeks in skilled nursing, he tolerated a soft food diet. With diarrhea and dumping improving incrementally, he came home. He continued on soft food, gradually expanding his diet. Over the next two weeks, he was feeling better until he was suddenly hit with severe intestinal pain. He couldn't tie it to anything he had eaten. Diarrhea and dumping continued, so he started the BRAT diet (banannas, applesauce, rice, and toast) plus hard boiled eggs and jello. He's been on that for a month now, slowly adding new foods. This week: saltines and a few days later--rice cakes. He's frustrated because a month ago, it looked like his intestinal system was recovering. Diarrhea continues, albeit with reduced dumping. But the pain is out there, just waiting for H to make an over-ambitious food choice.

Adam to Eve, "DO NOT eat that apple!" Who knew it was because she had an ileostomy? Thanks in advance for your thoughts,

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