Pick-Me-Up for another Winter of Discontent

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Pick-Me-Up for another Winter of Discontent

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Once again, the staff of the Ventana Wildlife Society has perked up my spirit & rekindled my faith by their dedication to preserving the California Condor population. Finally, brushing aside the inevitable tasks & interruptions that seem to haunt my own new normal, I made time to view the YouTube video of their January Webinar
I love the fresh youthful perspective of their panel members. Their whole-hearted pursuit of a cause without any mindless rancor for the inevitable criticism it may provoke. They simply apply themselves to the task at hand of helping these fascinating birds survive in our continually changing & challenging world.
And the Condor story does not disappoint. Holding all of the drama life brings. From the happy murmurs of a downy chick talking to itself as it picks thru the refuse of its nest floor. The intriguing family bonds forged between chick & parents during noisy mealtimes. The mutual comfort of gentle preenings. And the wonder-filled magnificence of clattering wings as the birds soar off. Leaving their awestruck offspring dreaming of its own destiny. And me grateful for all who continue to look to a better future.
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