Irrigating one legged....

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ot dave
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Irrigating one legged....

Post by ot dave »

So, back in September I stepped in a hole along a street. Didn't think too much about it, just felt like a bad sprain. Then, about every third time I'd go to my deer stand, I would step in an armadillo hole or a rock under some leaves and turn it some more. At the end of deer season, I realized that I didn't have any lateral support in my right ankle. MRI revealed 2 ruptured ligaments and 2 ruptured tendons. Had surgery Monday and I am now non-weight bearing in my right leg for the next 6 weeks. Needless to say, my irrigation routine has had to be adjusted, but all in all, I'm here to report that it can be done, it's just a little tricky. Knee scooters are awesome just FYI. Wish me luck, it's day 4....only 38 more days to go!

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Re: Irrigating one legged....

Post by steiconi »

Good luck! I've seen those knee scooters, they do look like fun!

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Re: Irrigating one legged....

Post by Zenobia »

OUCH! Sorry to hear about your accident, Dave. It's been ages since I've checked in to this site and yours is the first posting I've just read. I hope your recovery goes smoothly; it sounds like the new scooter is helping you move around a bit faster ... and surely it must be more fun. This is your chance to be a kid again!

Take care though ... I've had a lot of surgeries and know of what I speak: Don't throw caution to the wind! I'm heading for my third knee replacement on my right leg next month.

xo Zenobia
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