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To Dream a Dream
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Ostomy Academy (April 26)

Post by To Dream a Dream »

This session was wonderful! Please, watch the recorded video (as being unacquainted with meetings in real time, I did) to meet some wonderful UOAA members & speakers. Director of Affiliated Support Group Affairs, Brenda Elsagher, & her cohost, Steve Vandevender, Director at Large for UOAA, presented a highly informative program in a comfortable relaxed way that compels me to think of them as my own close friends. Among the guests was Navy pilot, Joshua Nelson. His military background & training was obvious in his references to successfully living with an ostomy. Be prepared to plan small incremental successes to meet your overall goals. Utilize a debriefing session to analyze & assess unfavorable occurrences to meet the next. Keep a positive forward movement in your actions. And use what might be perceived as a failure as a teaching tool. (If I may add, for yourself & others.) And I could definitely relate to his approach being reminded of my late great surgeon (a military man himself) who taught me a similar form of 'triage' to deal with acute situations. Joshua also provided many practical tips for dealing with pressure gradients while flying.
Brenda contributed information for those of our membership who irrigate their ostomies. And with his extensive background in ostomy supplies, acquired medical knowledge for their application, & practical firsthand experience, Steve provided a wealth of information. I gained much from his comments on hydration especially the drip drop electrolytes which was news to me. (I have suddenly begun to notice in TV ads that my old standby sports drink has been upgraded to reflect the more effective formula of a competitor.)
A Mental Health Moment was given by UOAA Director of Outreach to our youth by Molly Atwater-Pulisic in which her resolve to take control of a potentially traumatic ostomy situation was handled with her characteristic charm & humor. Using tactics similar to Joshua's.
Due to technical problems, Joy Hooper (CWOCN)'s video could not be shown, but I eagerly look forward to seeing it in future.
Great job, UOAA! The world needs more of your cooperation & contribution.
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Diane C
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Re: Ostomy Academy (April 26)

Post by Diane C »

Thanks, To Dream -- I only came across the Ostomy Academy accidentally and yes, the session was great. How long have these sessions been scheduled? A great resource -- I agree!

Hope you are well.
Diane C
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