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Carole Weber
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TSA card

Post by Carole Weber »

I will be flying in July and am looking for a TSA card to show security. Any advice on flying with an ostomy is welcome as this is my first attempt. Thanks in advance !!
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Bob Webtech
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Re: TSA card

Post by Bob Webtech »


See the page on our main website at https://www.ostomy.org/ostomy-travel-an ... tion-card/ which contains a lot of advice, and where the link at the top labeled "UOAA's Travel Communication Card" includes the TSA card.
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Re: TSA card

Post by Mara »

Carole - I have flown numerous times - mostly to Europe and Asia - and have never had to explain to anyone about my ostomy. Evidently if it showed up during the xray they didn't think it was an issue. Enjoy your trip!!
Ileostomy due to UC - 50 odd years
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Re: TSA card

Post by steiconi »

Pretty much every time I've gone through the airport scanner, they have noticed the ostomy, asked questions, and wiped my hands to test for gunpowder residue.
Not that big a deal, just a 60-second delay. It makes me think they're uninformed yahoos, is all.

I think that was only at a single airport, though, Honolulu. And I was only flying inter-island, not international or even from the mainland. Other airports, I've had precheck.

The printable card just tells them you have an ostomy. It does not confer any special rights or treatment. It has the same impact as if you just tell them yourself.

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