Sweating at night.

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Sweating at night.

Post by ThatFLguy »

Just woke up to empty my bag as it was ballooning. I was sweating a lot and felt dizzy headed again. It's a nice cool 72* in my room and I have ac and a fan running. This happened yesterday as well when I was sitting down in the living room right in front of the AC. It's like everytime my bag balloons I start sweating and feeling dizzy. No clue why.
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Re: Sweating at night.

Post by fapope »

Sounds like you are dehydrating ? A common issue with an Ostomy.
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Re: Sweating at night.

Post by ot dave »

Could be an autonomic nervous system issue. Your autonomic nervous system controls bodily functions that you don't consciously think about...What you are describing may, I repeat may, be a sign of autonomic neuropathy. Autonomic neuropathy can be brought on by a multitude of issues, but one of them is simple lack of appropriate nutrients, which as noted above, could be something as simple as being dehydrated. If it persists, you should definitely consult your physician. Hope that helps some.

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