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Re: Ostomy Supplies & Prescription

Post by Mysticobra »

Mara wrote: 2022-06-23 13:05:51 https://innovation.cms.gov/innovation-models/gpdc-model

It looks like your doctor has to be a provider who accepts this type of plan....hopefully none of my docs will.....
Thanks for the info, Lee!

Richard, I don't understand why you don't use your supplemental insurance. I had heart surgery last October. The complete bill came to well over six figures - all I had to pay was my hospitalization deductible of $300.....
I think alot depends on one's income.
I make (we) make a few hundred more a month than when I was working.
I really don't make that much. But probably enough they think. I can pay more.
I really can't. Living check to check now. I have a pension also.
I will have to soon. I need stronger lenses in my glasses.
Dental. I really just miss the cleaning. I know some dread it. I like it.
But I know they will find stuff in x rays that will cost me. And we can't afford it.
So. It's hard to say. Just a cleaning. I will. But they will x ray.
I'm lazy. That's the biggest problem. Lol. Being truthful.
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