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On registering and posting - use of e-mail addresses

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For general help using this discussion board, please see the FAQ page. A couple of specific tips are described below:

You must register before you can post on this board. Registration is easy and free, and is required only to help us avoid illegitimate postings. When you register, you must provide a legitimate e-mail address. However, this address will not be visible to other board users. Even if you choose "Always show my e-mail address" when setting your Preferences, it actually shows only a link that other registered users can use for e-mailing you using a special form provided by the software. But nobody ever sees your e-mail address during that process.

(Note added 2007-12-23: The Profile option previously labeled "Always show my e-mail address" has been re-labeled "Allow other registered users to send me e-mail through the board" to make it clearer what this option actually means.)

While the e-mail address you provide while registering is safeguarded this way by the board software, any e-mail address that you include in the body of a posting is unprotected and vulnerable to the automated software that certain nefarious parties use for collecting e-mail addresses from web pages. Given this problem, if you wish to include an e-mail address in the body of a posting, we urge you to use a format such as username AT example DOT com instead of entering the e-mail address normally.

Another point about registering that may not be obvious: the Username that you register with is also the name that users will see in your postings. This name may be up to 25 characters long and may include spaces. If you choose a very long Username, be aware that you'll have to type it every time you log in! In the interest of privacy, you may choose not to include your last name as part of your Username.
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